Magical Journey

MAGICAL JOURNEY is in stores and available on-line now!

Thrilled to have Magical Journey  hailed by PEOPLE magazine as a “Memoir We Can’t Put Down.”  Senior writer Jill Smowloe says:

“Facing an empty nest, a friend’s death, and changes at work, Kenison resists her usual antidote to unwanted change: keeping busy. Instead, she stops and takes stock of her life. It was so beautifully written, I wore out a yellow marker highlighting my favorite lines.”

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 A few more glorious reviews!

From The Chicago Tribune Editor’s Picks:

“In this moving memoir, Katrina Kenison beckons readers into her world and proves to be an insightful guide and companion through the vicissitudes of life.”

Here’s writer and memoirist  Beth Kephart’s lovely review.

Jena Strong says her blog post is NOT a review; but no matter, I can’t imagine anything could have pleased me more.

Am honored to have a reader and friend in the wise and wonderful Karen Maezen Miller.  She wrote here.

And a nice shout-out from Book Page.

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The first review, from PUBLISHERS WEEKLY:

In this intensely moving tribute to the importance of enjoying every moment of life, Kenison (The Gift of An Ordinary Day), former longtime series editor of The Best American Short Stories, tells a tale inspired by loss and confides what can be gained from it. After a dear friend dies from cancer and her two sons head off to boarding school and college, Kenison is forced to question what remains relevant in her life and how such an introspective examination might portend a change in priorities. Identifying a common and paralyzing fear (“I am so used to doubting my worthiness that the minute I decide to do something, I start convincing myself I’m not up to the job”), she turns to intensive yoga studies, where she learns that “the best antidote to anxiety about the future is to be present in the here and now,” and that finding contentment in what one is rather than what one thinks one should be is critical. Her journey will inspire tears and determination, and remind readers that anything, “done from the heart, changes the world in some small way for the better.”


More advance praise for MAGICAL JOURNEY

“Warm and wise. . . . Soul searching reflections by a woman coming to terms with the three major challenges of midlife: change, loss, and death.”
Kirkus Reviews

“This luminous memoir is a gift to any reader searching for meaning, clarity, and perhaps a bit of hard-won joy. Katrina Kenison is the best kind of guide through our life’s passages: a thoughtful, fearless friend who reaches out a hand and says, I’ve been here too.”
— Dani Shapiro, author of Devotion

“The afternoon of life can cast long shadows, but Katrina’s beautiful observations on love, loss, growth and gratitude will brighten readers’ worlds considerably. You won’t find a better guide or friend to accompany you through the sorrows, joys, and mysteries we are all meant to share.”
–Priscilla Warner, author of Learning to Breathe

“In sharing her quietly courageous search for purpose in the second half of life, Katrina Kenison inspires the rest of us to examine our own ordinary lives with wonder and compassion. Deeply personal and gently instructive, this poignant memoir of loss and growth affirms that, in the ways that truly matter, we are all intimately connected, our humble human stories more alike than different.”
— Stephen Cope, author of The Great Work of Your Life: A Guide for the Journey to Your True Calling

“No matter where you are on the journey, Kenison’s own pilgrimage points the way home. She give us permission to stop trying to improve ourselves and invites us to relax into the wonder of who we already are.”
–Regina Brett, author of Be the Miracle

“After the kids are gone, Kenison faces the question that haunts every mother’s empty house and every woman’s passage beyond midlife. What now? Deeply wise and courageous, every page of Magical Journey shines with beauty and pulses with truth. Read it, and you’ll want to do what Kenison does: begin again.”
–Karen Maezen Miller, author of Hand Wash Cold: Care Instructions for an Ordinary Life

“Kenison likens the existential midlife quest to the hero’s journey described by Joseph Campbell, including the death of the old self and the painful, satisfying birth of the new. With ferocious compassion, she puts words to sensations and sudden hungers that most of us dare not name.”
— Carolyn Cooke, author of Daughters of the Revolution

“Reading Katrina’s comforting words is like having a heartfelt conversation with your best friend. She opens her heart with a vulnerability that brings you instantly into a close relationship. Her experiences may not be the same but her emotions surely are. It is on that level we connect with her in a surprisingly intimate way and read with pleasure what we all know to be true.”
— Bonnie Harris, author of Confident Parents, Remarkable Kids

“In thoughtful, elegant prose Katrina Kenison creates an extended meditation on a certain passage in life – one composed of loss and gain, deprivation and sustenance. She learns the way to relinquish old pleasures and to seek out new pathways. This is a guide that we all can use – warm, intelligent and compassionate.”
— Roxana Robinson, author of Cost

“Kenison, soul bared and hand extended, is right beside us as we, too, face life’s next inexorable threshold: the elusive pursuit of self-acceptance.”
— Margaret Roach, author of The Backyard Parables: Lessons on Gardening, and Life

“Katrina Kenison’s Magical Journey is an intimate portrait of a life fully lived. Kenison’s voice is quiet and questioning, warm and encouraging. I felt as if a close friend were sitting next to me, whispering in my ear. Magical Journey is a book about loss, love, and compassion, and it’s also a call to action: love, embrace gratitude, be open to change. This book will help any reader find the magic that exists in each of us. It’s a book that won’t leave my bedside table; I know I’ll come back to Kension’s quiet wisdom again and again.”
— Kate Hopper, author of Use Your Words: A Writing Guide for Mothers

“Reading Katrina Kenison’s beautifully written story helped me appreciate my own life with a new tenderness. Her book helps us realize that although our lives don’t turn out perfectly, they are precious and worthy of our love”.
–Hari Kirin Khalsa, author of Art & Yoga: Kundalini Awakening in Everyday Life

“In her modern re-imagining of the mythic journey, Katrina Kenison sets out to explore the interior landscape of midlife, and from the very first page her readers are eager to come along for the ride. Kenison is at once disarmingly human and courageously wise.”
–Lisa Garrigues, author of Writing Motherhood